Quality Control Equipment

AT2E makes packaging and bottle test equipment for the Beverage, Food, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics
Chemical and Laboratory industries.

We can design and build custom QA machines to fit your unique sample

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About us

We have developed over 200 different packaging test machines since our founding in 1989.

Our in-house team of engineers carefully designs and manufactures each instrument to solve a specific quality control problem.

If you do not find a solution that fits your needs, please contact us.

We can also design and build custom QA machines to fit your unique requirements.

Our Products

We develop and sell a wide range of packaging test machines for various industries.

  • Torque testing machine for bottle caps
  • Leak detection testing through pressurization and vacuums
  • Force / compression / dynamometer measurements
  • CO2 / pressure / vacuum gauges
  • Stress testing equipment
  • Dimensional measurements (height, length, thickness, perpendicularity, circumference, diameter)
  • Crown cap measurements
  • Glass and plastic bottle burst pressure testing
  • Plastic bottle cutter machine for PET section weight analysis
  • Internal enamel integrity testing
  • Aluminum can quality assurance testing
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